Asshat McGhosty Boy

The Answer to Miller’s Riddle

So, that know? The one that sent me spinning, crashing, reeling for 2 years that it took me another 2 years to put myself back together. The one that disappeared, apparently as the ghosting trendsetter before it was a thing with a name?  Well I found the answer to the riddle.  Ironically on the eve of 4 years to the day of the last time I saw him. Because I like cinematic ironic karmic drama like that.

Of course he was on my mind with the anniversary of our last lunch just the next day. Don’t ask what in the hell possessed me but I googled him. And I seriously couldn’t tell you why in the hell for the first time in 6 years I google his name with his suburb instead of our metro region like I always had.

Totally different set of results.

First few results didn’t seem likely but the fourth one. Stomach knots. Knew in my gut it would match him. How?

Wedding registry link.

Oh but wait!

It’s for just a few months after he disappeared on me. As in he was already engaged before the disappearing act. That also means the one time I ran into him and he apologized, he was already married.  The strange thing is it hurt mostly because I was just angry at his ass-hattery that I had been a decent person to someone who was such a fucking asshole.  They lived together for years so she came first. She looks like me or I look like her since I was apparently second.

Except, I came out the winner. Because I am not the one stuck with him. Because I was at least the third girl that he would have lied to about it while with her. How do I know that? Because I met two of his girlfriends while we were friends. And neither of them were the chic in the picture.

And that means he is likely still doing it.

Funny how knowing the truth – even with as ugly as it is – brings closure that just makes this another story of an asshole guy and life moves on. And writing about it closes some life story loop. I told the truth of what I found out (though it sucks and holy hell was I that gullible, naive, wanting to be blind to what hindsight says omg you moron). We can argue that there wasn’t the fairy tale ending but sometimes the real fairy tale ending isn’t the one you dreamed of but the one that was the best for you.

Some days you just have to be thankful for Unanswered Prayers.